Giobbe Forni


November 2017 PhD student in Earth, Life and Environimental Sciences.
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy). Supervisors: Barbara Mantovani and Andrea Luchetti. Topic: Phylogeny and biodiversity of Phasmids.

July 2016 MSc in Biodiversity and Evolution. University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy) – 110 / 110 cum laude. Supervisors: Stefano Del Duca and Paul Christou. Thesis title: “Genome Editing in Rice: knockout of the AGPase LSU Gene OsAPL3 via CRISPR-Cas9”.

March 2013 BSc in Biotechnology. University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy) – 103/110. Supervisor: Concepcion Rubies Autonell. Thesis title: “Cancerogenous micotoxin production in Fusarium proliferatum”.


November 2017 – present. PhD project: The aim of my PhD project is to studying the diversity of the insect Order Phasmida and to investigate their adaptation in a broad systematic framework. I am particularly interested in the wing evolution in this insect group. I am also developing tool to (1) obtaining mitogenomes from transcriptomic data, with the purpose of large scale data mining and (2) to integrate missing data in dNdS calculation. Part of my PhD project also consists in the sequencing of three Bacillus spp. genomes and transcriptomes, to explore their reproduction strategies.

October 2015 – May 2016. MSc Thesis: During six months abroad, at the University of Lleida, Spain, I applied CRISPR-Cas9 in rice to create two knockout lines relatively to the OsAPL3 gene, a subunit of a key enzyme in the starch pathway. After the transformation, I screened the putative transgenic population and identified two candidate lines, from which I cloned and characterized frequency and structure of the targeted mutation.


August 2018 – DrosEU/ ESEB Summer School on Adaptation Genomics CNRS, Montpellier, France (23-24/08/2018)

June 2018 – Transcriptome analysis, leveraging Trinity Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Mueum, Berlin, Germany (11-15/06/2018).

June 2018 – Phylogenomics Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Mueum, Berlin, Germany (04-08/06/2018)

November 2017 – The Unix workbench One month course taken through the on-line platform Coursera.

April 2017 – Comparative methods in evolutionary biology Stazione Anthon Dhorn, Naples (10-14/04/2017).

March 2017 – Integrative Taxonomy and Taxonomic Expertise: DNA Barcodes in the Genomic Era MNHN Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris (13-17/03/2017).