Marco Passamonti


Associate professor at the University of Bologna since 2014, he conducts his researches in Zoology and Evolutionary Biology. His research interests are directed in particular to mitochondria in animal models, their structure, inheritance, biogenesis and role in the evolution of eukaryotic life. He has collaborations with many Universities in the United States, Canada, Japan, etc . Author of more than 50 scientific publications on international journals. He is President of the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology (SIBE) and Coordinator of the Degree in Natural Sciences of the University of Bologna.


Curriculum Vitae

I got my Master’s Degree in Biological Science in Bologna the 13th July 1993, cum laude, with a dissertation entitled “Karyological and electrophoretic analysis of Veneridae of Northern Adriatic Sea populations (Mollusca Bivalvia)”. In the following three years I had my PhD course in the Department of “Biologia Evoluzionistica Sperimentale”, studying taxonomy and phylogenetics of venerid bivalves. In July 1997 I got my PhD in the University of Modena, with a dissertation titled “Biochemical and molecular taxonomy of venerid bivalves and use of it in the specific diagnosis”. In the second session of 1994 I got my qualification in Biology. In 1997 I had a research fellowship “Canziani Bequest” and then I was a two-year postdoc with a research project titled “Evolution mechanisms and speciation in stick insects of the Leptynia and Clonopsis genus (Insecta Phasmatodea)”. In 2001 I had a five-year research contract with a research titled “MtDNA Evolution Mechanisms in Doubly Uniparental Systems” (2000-2005). Form 2006 to 2014 I was Researcher at the University of Bologna.

Since 2014, I am Associate Professor at the Depatment of “Scienze Biologiche Geologiche e Ambientali” of the University of Bologna, where I head the “Mitogenomics and Evolution” group.

I am President and founder of the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (SIBE-ISEB), coordinator of the Degree Course in Natural Sciences, member of the teaching board of the PhD course ‘Earth, Life and Environmental Sciences’, scientific advisor of the Zoology Museum of Bologna, and tutor of the ‘Collegio Superiore’ of the University of Bologna.


For more informations see the personal webpage at University of Bologna